lundi 23 février 2009

Red Sonja

Suite et fin de la série. D'autres travaux m'appellent. Mais j'espère avoir l'occasion de m'y remettre un jour ou l'autre.

This is the last one of the series... for now. I think I'll try to follow up later

5 commentaires:

BogatiStric a dit…

Mr.Herval,awesome illustration,
great job!

Brunoo a dit…

Great sphere and depth in a simple but convincing way.

FerdinandKreozot a dit…

man, all these are beyond beautiful.
So clean and so beautifully styled.
If I was not your fan already, I would certainly become one.

Cheers to your awesome skill,



Reynes a dit…

Tu t'amuses bien aussi ;)
La grande classe comme d'habitude !

C.Bennett a dit…

Cool Red Sonja. Poor guy, but if you had to go she is the person to kill you!. Stuff looking awesome, look the colors.